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APRIL 2010

Saratoga Faire's  CD, "Saratoga Romance" is to be featured on IRFT Celtic Radio on Monday, April 5, 2010. They will play the CD in its entirety. Start time of the show is 4:00 p.m. PDT. 

MARCH 2010

Interview with Saratoga Faire plus their whole CD, "Saratoga Romance" will be aired on March 7, 2010 on Community Cafe Hour (101.7 in northeast NY, USA) from 8 - 9 AM and then from 10 - 11PM EST. 


New pictures of Saratoga Faire at First Night Saratoga (taken by Ray Bedard), are up in the photo gallery. Next live performance: The Dance Flurry Festival. The website will be undergoing a whole fresh new look in the year ahead. Stay tuned for that! And as always, check back for more concerts as they are added.


Saratoga Faire's debut CD was released on September 1st, 2009 and is available for purchase on this website. It will also be made available through CD Baby, Amazon, I-Tunes and other stores soon (probably this month), so check back soon for updates. 

Saratoga Faire has been maintaining a MYSPACE band site February 2007, but we also recently joined Facebook too. If you'd like to be a Facebook fan, click here.

JUNE 2008

New pictures are in our web gallery. Click here to see.


Saratoga Faire is now listed on Songs of the Celts website. Saratoga Faire is also listed in the Saratoga Springs web directory.

Saratoga Faire continues work in the recording studio with John Kribs to finish up their CD project.


Warning to other musicians about a scammer named "Dipson Koiki" (also goes by "Ben Sleeves"). Read here for details.


MAY 2007


Saratoga Faire is listed in Troy Music Hall's top friends on its MYSPACE page! Check it out!

Also Lise wrote a blog about Saratoga Faire's Troy Music Hall gig. You can see that on her website here.


MARCH 2007

Saratoga Faire now has a MYSPACE page! You'll notice that there are a lot of other musicians in the friends column at this time. Those are musicians that the band knows (or a member of the band knows) personally (well, except for "default Tom", and he's an automatic friend when a band signs up for MYSPACE MUSIC) . 

And The Spirites Consort (which Lise, Jeff and Jim belong to) also have a MYSPACE page.

Check it out! 


A new photo gallery has been installed on the website of Saratoga Faire's performances at Saratoga First Night and Troy Music Hall. Thank you to Ray Bedard and Tania Susi for sending them in. We also hope to have a video up soon, so come back soon.



Saratoga Faire is proud to announce that they will be performing at Troy Music Hall on January 9. Troy Music Hall is noted for being one of the best acoustic halls in the country (as well as being beautiful!) and is the location for many recordings of classical and acoustic CDs, including many recordings done for the Dorian label including The Baltimore Consort.


Saratoga Faire will again be performing for Kribstock on August 6, 2006. Following is the tentative schedule for this event. This is an "invitation only" festival and a fund-raiser for the Southern Adirondack Musicians' Fund (for more information on the charity click here and scroll down to “The SAM Fund”). If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim or John for an invitation. The invitation states: "John Kribs and Liz Arabadjis present an afternoon of GREAT acoustic music, SUNDAY August 6, 2006, 11:30-sundown on our land. 1) BRING YOUR OWN EVERYTHING you might want to have there (lawn chairs, blankets, refreshments, bug spray: you get the idea!) 2) WE SUPPLY GREAT MUSIC ALL DAY!!!!! 3) And there will be some FOOD VENDORS includes water 4) THIS YEAR we've added some really cool RAFFLES/ GOOD and unique stuff! 5) Don't forget the artists CD table. Most of the performers will have their CDs for sale at special prices!" 

Note that Saratoga Faire performs at 12:25:

11:30: John Kribs
            Opening: Orion Kribs
11:30: The Racquette River Rounders
12:10: Danny Gotham  
12:25: Saratoga Faire
12:45: Matt McCabe & Friends 
1:10:  Idette & The Sun Runners 
1:30:  Kate Blain
1:55:  Gary Moon 
2: 20:  Delia w/Gwen Tracy 
2:45   Joan Crane 
3:05:  Joanna D'Ascoli  
3:20:  Sue Hamlin 
3:45:  Johnny & The Triumphs 
4:00:  Michael Jerling and Terri Huxtable  
4:20:  Bob Warren  
4:40:  Mallory O' Donnell  
5:00:  NO OUTLET  
5:25: Addie & Olin (UNLEASHED!) 
5:45:  George Fletcher & Pete Pashoukos 
6:10: Nancy Walker and Lani Richards (with Larry Clyman) 
6:30:  Lost Wages 
6:50:  The Racquette River Rounders

AFTER THE RACQUETTE RIVER ROUNDERS PERFORM:   The Stragglers Jam (these last 2 are interchangeable)

Also appearing/performing: 
Tony Markellis,  Doug Johnson, and from WAMC, Wanda Fischer and Nick Barr

MAY 2006
Please note that the Cobleskill Arts In The Park Concert has been changed from August 24 to August 3rd.


Jim's band SKUTTLEBUTT disbands. Click here for more details.

 SUMMER 2005

 Jim Lestrange has been busy writing new songs for the group with a comedic slant to counteract some of Lise’s more somber compositions and choice of songs. He will be performing with Skuttlebutt at The Mabee Farm Festival on July 9 and with The Spirites Consort (which Lise and Jeff also belong to) on July 23, 24, 30 and 31 at the Killington Renaissance Faire.

 Jeff Belding just finished his yearly stint as a bass player at The State Convention Center in Albany , NY . They put on musical skits for the governor and state senators. He has been busy writing a number of books including a book of instrumentals with the idea of featuring hammered dulcimer and recorder, a book of guitar instrumentals and a drum instruction book. He is also at work on his next solo CD which will feature mostly easy listening music and electronic instrumentation. The planned release is in the fall of 2005 or winter of 2006. His private teaching practice (guitar, bass, drums) has been in full swing.

 Frank Orsini continues to bring unusual instrumentals to the band and a number of these are going on the new Saratoga Faire CD. He has also been busy working with various other bands including Walt Michael & Company  and the Whippersnappers who have recently been in more demand than usual. The Whippersnappers completed a new CD entitled “Up Against It Now” which will be released very soon. He is also performing and recording with Annie and the Hedonists, The Starline Rhythm Boys, Brian “Chip” Chevalier and performing with contra-dance band, Spare Parts. Summer often means “bluegrass time” for Frank and this summer is no exception. He’ll travel to Vermont for performances with Banjo Dan and the Midnight Plowboys  (one of the Green Mountain State’s most venerable bluegrass bands!) and also staying close to home with his own, The Upstate Bluegrass Band. Also scheduled are some concerts with Roy HurdTom Wadsworth, The Hi Flyers and dance/party engagements with Paul Rosenberg (founder of the Dance Flurry Festival).    

 Lise Winne has been composing some lyrics to one of Jeff Belding’s pieces as well as learning some new Renaissance songs to add to her repertoire with The Spirites Consort.

 The band continues to plug away at their CD at John Kribs studio.